“He who builds a trap for another…” “….is an employee.”

Anyone who has signed a contract of employment, has to deal with the individual or collective labor law. Few jurisdictions are subject to profound change as much as (Dutch) labor law. Matters that may seem self-evident are through the legal practice course, proven not to be so. Mistakes made when addressing any case concerning labor law can cost a lot of money and cause serious problems. Therefore in any labor dispute it is prudent for both employers and employees to proactively contact a lawyer for legal advice and assistance. This is not merely the case when faced with legal procedures but also with regards to the drafting or adjusting employment contracts on the basis of new laws and regulations and new insights…

Thanks to our years of experience we at law firm Kuijper are able to assess (potential) disputes from the perspective of both employers and employees. Clients are advised and assisted at an early stage in order to strengthen their position and prevent unnecessary escalation of disputes as much as possible. In more than one case it is so that disputes between employers and employees could have been avoided if the right decision was taken in a timely fashion. For that reason we offer specially for entrepreneurs a labor law legal scan. Such a scan will show the strentghs and/or weaknesses of your internal personnel arrangements and, if necessary, offers effective solutions or modifications. Furthermore, we are happy to advice our clients in matters concerning Collective Labor Regulations (CAO) and answer questions with regards working conditions, competition clauses and the rights and obligations of the employees (in)capacity for work.

If feasible we will always attempt to reach an amicable solution, if parties are irreconcilable however and these attempts are to no avail, we will not shun the legal battle. Like no other, we can anticipate the moves of the opposing party and are aware of the legal hurdles. More than one seemingly lost cause has been brought to a successful conclusion thanks to our experience, endurance and creativity.