He who seeks wisdom is wise, he who imagines to have achieved it a fool.


Quarrels with suppliers, disputes with the government concerning permits or taxes, problems with personnel, debt collection from customers, one might almost wonder why people would choose to become an entrepreneur. As such one is obviously concerned with the core business and would prefer to leave such legal headaches to others. In many cases, permenanently employing a business lawyer however, will be too great a burden for the company. This is especially true considering that, under Dutch civil law, members of the Dutch Bar Association may – in principle – not be employed by lay employers, while lawyers who are not members of the Dutch Bar Association can not try cases before District or Superior Courts. Therefore even with an internal legal staff an entepreneur still needs to find a suitable external attoney to re-asses and try his case which is both unnecessarily time-consuming and expensive. One must come to the conclusion your time, energy and money can be better spent.

Therefore, the General Counsel Agrement is the perfect solution for those entrepreneurs who regularly need expedient, efective and creative legal support. This way you always have access to your own legal department “on standby”, ready to jump in when needed, yet without the burden of (personnel) costs when the problem is over.  Unlike business lawyers we provide also the benefits of cliënt-attorney privileges, while there is no (longer any) need to hire an external lawyer in cases before District or Superior Courts where representation by an attorney rather than a business lawyer is mandatory.


  • provides legal support in practicaly all desired fields of law;
  • is availible daily during and outside office hours to 19:00 hours for the first response or assessment of (short) practical issues and legal querries;
  • assesses company  agreements, policies and documents;
  • has regular, but at least once every two months, personal contact and general discussion with you about your business and legal issues in the business and its improvement;
  • offers quality advice and assistance in the event of disputes through amicable soultions are possible, and legal representation where necessary and thus prevents or limits your legal and business risks;
  • is willing and able,  if so desired to work on location at your company.

We will be attending the 7th Corporate Counsel Exchange and presiding the Round table debate mentioned below, maybe we will meet there.