For many entrepreneurs, there are two types of customers, the first species deprives one of food, the other of sleep

Every entrepreneur is to a greater or lesser extent regularly faced with the problem of the defaulting debtor. Keeping a debit portfolio is a protracted and frustrating activity. Regrettably debtors rarely respond very little or not at all to reminders and it takes months or even years before a creditor sees (part of) his claim returned. Especially now as the economic tides are less favourable, the entrepreneur would benefit from a quick, efficient and cost-effective debt collection. We are always happy to assist you in this. Our working method is characterised primarily by the speed of the treatment of cases. To avoid delay, there will be no unncessary attempts to collect the claim amicably when invoices and reminders have been casually ignored. We willi instead litigate expeditiously through so-caled interlocutory debt proceedings if possible or stand procedures otherwise.

Of course it is important to be aware of your rights as both a collector and debtor. Therefore we will happily provide information for all the different types of debt collection. Our years of experience in the debt collection and profit recovery industry enable us to help entrepreneurs effectively handle all debt collection related concerns, frustrations, problems and fears or help you to defend against unjust claims.