There is an increasingly number of different types of legal assistance; (business) lawyers, legal insurance, tax lawyers, debt collection agencies and lastly, but by no means least independent attorneys. Research shows that although people are often better off with legal advice from an attorney, they opted for one of these “alternatives” because attorneys are believed to be (too) expensive and it is difficult to find the right one. In order to offer access to high quality legal assistance from experienced and specialized attorneys to everyone, together with others we have decided to take away these thresholds completely and create the SME picket. Only attorneys who are well versed within their specialism(s) are allowed to join this service.

With the SME-picket the client does not pay the standard legal fee of € 160,- (excl. VAT) but a combined modest fee that consist of a partially set and partially variable fee. The modest set fee is paid monthly for which the client receives a legal quick scan and is offered light advice free of charge as well as a significant discount for (more) substantial legal aid. Depending on his choice for the bronze or silver package the client pays a moderated hourly fee or a fixed fee per case. The gold package consists of the General counsel Agreement.

The SME picket is very simple:

Step 1

You submit your questionnaire, filled out as short and concise as possible, and suggest three preferred dates for an appointment. Preferably also send copies of all relevant documentation. If there is a great deal of documentation, light advice may not be an option.

Step 2

Based on your question and additional  information/documentation the most appropriate lawyer is selected which indicates whether the client is best served with a light legal advice or substantive treatment of the matter at hand. Unlike the light legal advice is the substantive treatment is not free of charge, but subject to the special rates or fixed prices of the SME picket.

Step 3

The lawyer makes an appointment for a personal interview on one of the preferred

dates. The lawyer will inform if additional information is needed. Within at most 24 hours after the questionnaire has been submitted the  client is contacted and offered an answer to the question or preliminary advice in case substantive treatment is required/advisable. In a substantive treatment the lawyer informed the progress of the case on a regular basis.

Of course you are not always required to come in person, especially light legal advice can be offered by phone or e-mail, provided the lawyer is given full disclosure of all relevant and accurate information. In case substantive treatment is required the lawyer can also visit you at the office or at home is so desired.