A good trust in Government is healthy, a healthy distrust is better

Social security law regulates the (financial) facilities for those people, who for whatever reason, are temporarily or permanently, no (longer) able to take care of their livelihood or care independantly. These laws and regulations pertain to, among others, unemployment benefits, health benefits, disability benefits, child allowances, pension and widow and orphan benefits. The social security law regulates, as part of administrative law, the rights and obligations of those who have a role to play with respect to social security (employers, employees, unemployed, incapacitated, the elderly and to a lesser degree the self-employed).

The Government constantly modifies and disgards old regulations.  Because of this the social security laws have become ever bulkier and more complex over the years. Advocatenkantoor Kuijper has a very respectable track record in the field of social security law as several of our cases have led to groundbreaking jurisprudence and even the quashing of parts of legislation and legislative changes. We are therefore more than able to assist clients when