There but for the grace of God, goes John Bradford.

Criminal law can roughly be divided into ‘common’ criminal law concerning crimes ranging from shoplifting and opium cases, to violent and sexual offenses, juvenile justice and ‘special’ criminal law that focuses on tax and (security) fraud, economic crimes, violation of administrative regulations and international criminal law.

When faced with prosecution by the prosecutor one or more and/or special investigation service(s) of a Ministry, such as FIOD-ECD (Tax/Finance Fraud force), AID (Agriculture inspection service), IOD (VROM) and SIOD (Social Fraud force), being a assisted by an experienced criminal attorney is not enough. In economic and security crimes especially pension fraud, evasion of taxes and social contributions, violation of building codes or environmental regulations, agriculture regulations or the Aliens Employment Act (Wet Arbeid Vreemdelingen) a thorough knowledge of administrative law is of cardinal importance.

Advocatenkantoor Kuijper is one of the few law firms in the Netherlands specialized in the field of criminal administrative law and administrative (punitive) enforcement. In addition, within the combined practices, attorneys have specialized knowledge and experience in criminal confiscation of funds and property, detention of illegal laborers/immigrants and criminal tax law.