“Good advice may be expensive, but deciding not to obtain it is even more so.”

We assist private clients as well as companies and therefore  charge different rates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Often the threat of (high) legal fees is the sole reason someone does not obtain legal advice. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to present his case and to have it defended in court, while expedient, efficient and high quality legal assistance should never depend on the size of the clients wallet. The rates amount from € 160, – to € 195, – (excl. VAT) per hour, for complex cases, in consultation with the client a different rate may be charged. Furthermore, there is always the possibility to ha a case treated for a fixed fee. Finally, of course, we also work on the basis of funded legal aid.

Our rates depend on:

• whether business or private clients qualify for legal aid.

• the required specialist knowledge

• the complexity of the case

Due to its deliberately modest size of our firm and strength of the associated practices, Mr. Kuijper and his colleagues are able to offer clients quick, efficient and first class legal aid and especially the much needed personal attention. Moreover, we understand like no other that (business) life is expensive enough, this is our motto after all.

While many clients can apply for financed legal aid, accessibility to the judiciary (and the chances of success) for may other private clients, medium sized enterprises, but also large companies usually depends on the size of their wallets. To minimize the legal costs without compromising to get the high quality of legal advice and/or assistance, we offer Custom made Legal Aid to all those for whom funded legal aid is not an option, yet can not afford standard market rates. In that case legal work is conducted at a fixed fee or a modest hourly rate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             For companies and self employed entrepreneurs there is also the possibility of the SMA-service or the General counsel Agreement, so one may always have an attorney close by that knows the company at heart.

To all legal advice and/or assistance the General Terms and Conditions apply. Complaints concerning quality of legal advice or representation and/or invoices are subject of the complaints procedure of the Dutch Bar Association and/or the Complaints Committee.