The profession of taxi driver is fun, but can also bring be the necessary problems ranging from relatively minor problems like drunken passengers and or minor traffic fines to assault or robbery by passengers, imposition of high fines for breach of the driving and rest, left prohibited goods, clashes with police otherwise, labor disputes between drivers employed and employers, disputes relating to the leasing or servicing cars, problems with the IRS and refusal of extension or withdrawal of driver permits through the Justis or the refusal thereof with it.

Confronted with any of these problems one would benefit greatly from legal advice from an attorney, which usually is not the case however because lawyers are too expensive, at least because believed to be so. In addition, many drivers are independent entrepreneurs and are not applicable for financed legal aid for commercial disputes. Not only in these difficult times it is understandable taxi drivers are reluctant to risk (high) legal fees, but with legal assistance like with everything, the old English proverb “penny wise, pound foolish” remains true.

Within the joined practices we have aided numerous taxi drivers whose problems could be avoided or reduced if they had only asked for legal advice in time. Especially in criminal and administrative cases that taxi drivers, like most people, taxi drivers often are not or not sufficiently aware of their rights and obligations and unwillingly cooperate in their own condemnation. If an attorney is hired after the premit has been refused/withdrawal, a subpoena has gone out or a fine has been imposed it is often much more difficult to solve the problem. In many civil cases contracts are signed without legal advice without knowing exactly to which consequenties might occur.

To minimize legal costa as much as possible, without detriment to come to the quality of the work, the service of Taxi Legal has been created. This is a special form of the SME picket or Corporate Counsel Agreement where taxi drivers will receive legal advice and assistance for a modest rate or monthly fixed fee based on historical experience in previouse cases, through which a substantial discount will be enjoyed on the already modest hourly rate of € 160, – (excl. VAT). Also, taxi drivers can, through dispatch centrales opt to partake in the collective model where the drivers as a whole receive legal advice for a fixed annual fee to pay and if necessary supplement.

Through these models a taxi driver always has an attorney – who knows the taxi business at heart – close at hand.