Child care Act

Within childcare the law is increasingly repressive, therefore it is vital for owners of daycare centers to keep their legal housekeeping in order. Good entrepreneurship therefore requires both an accurate assessment of the level of risk for the daycare center in question as wel as the legal and practical knowledge how to protect one self as much as possible against unnecessary risks.

Considering holders owners of daycare centers com into conflict with the GCD (GGD) and municipalities or boroughs with increasing regularity have conflicts at one hand and the great (financial) consequences at the other it becomes clear the timely — or better yet, proactive — assistance of an experienced attorney is of vital importance.

As most daycare centres can not afford a permanent inhouse legal counsel however, it is good to know we offer the benefit of ‘round the clock’ personal expert legal assistance at very reasonable fees. Not only with regard to the frequent imposition of periodic and unannounced visits from the Supervisors of the GCD (GGD) and municipalities but also in the areas of labour law, rental law; e.g./dismissal rejection/withdrawal building permits or VOG s, collection and (economic) criminal law.

Working closely together with expert service providers who have earned their spurs in the child care industry, specially for entrepreneurs we have developed quick legal scans and can if needed assist effectively in improvement projects.

pulito In every organization there is room for improvement. A periodic strength-weakness analysis is   therefore not only useful but a necessity. Pulito is experienced in in the field of   (financial) management, personnel policy, internal organisation, marketing and communication.